All Chocolates are not Created Equal

Take your tastebuds on a journey like no other

Hotel Chocolat will stop at nothing to make the best chocolate gifts on the planet. Their chocolatier’s dedication to authenticity means that they’re committed to using the finest-quality ingredients. Not content with the typical, they’re endlessly challenging themselves to try new things. And that’s exactly what they did with this collection of best chocolate gifts.

When it comes to liquor-meets-chocolate there’s only one way to do it: a generous glug of the real thing. All of Hotel Chocolat’s tipple chocolates use the finest quality alcohol that you would drink (if you won’t drink it, then they won’t use it).

Champagne Truffle – Luxuriously light and creamy truffles made with real Mercier champagne and cream for beautifully delicate flavours (Champagne Truffle is currently the Taste of The Month in store so pop in and try them for yourself!)

Rare & Vintage: The Curated Collection

20 single-origin, small-batch bars of chocolate made with some of the most sought-after cocoa in the world. 10 milks, 10 darks, six countries. Read more about their Rare & Vintage range and how Hotel Chocolat go the extra mile to find the best ingredients from around the world and bring them home on their blog)

Visit Hotel Chocolat in store here at Cathedral Square to explore their entire chocolate collection and take your tastebuds on a journey like never before…