The Easter Bunny has Arrived Early!

Get your baskets at the ready, for the Easter range has landed at Hotel Chocolat!

We know that Easter isn’t until April 16th this year, but we couldn’t contain our excitement about the brand new Easter range at Hotel Chocolat!

This year, the Easter bunny has had some help from his new friends, shy sheep Wooliam, curious Rabbert the rabbit and imaginative Elizapeck the chick. Also brand new to Hotel Chocolat this year are hard-boiled Easter eggs for your favourite hard-to-please people! They are Patisserie extra-thick, vegan-friendly chocolate eggs!

If you’re just as excited about the new Hotel Chocolat Easter range as we are, visit them in store at Cathedral Square today to take a closer look and fall in love at first sight! Or if you just can’t wait that long, take a sneak peek below at some of our favourite finds…

Extra Thick Egg – Rocky Road to Caramel – £27
Half caramel chocolate Easter egg, half 40% milk chocolate with cookies and puffed rice. Filled with some of their most mellow creations.

All Our Eggs in One Basket – £50
The Easter showstopper. Share and enjoy every kind of Easter egg Hotel Chocolat make, from the smallest egglet to half of a gigantic Ostrich eggshell!

The Big City Bunny – Milk Chocolate – £7.50
Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and dressed to impress, this Easter our 40% milk chocolate bunny has swapped the burrow for the big city!

Easter Pen Pals – £10
Three farmyard friends cast in hollow white, caramel and 40% milk chocolate. A charming children’s Easter gift.

Egg Sandwich – Milk – £10
40% milk chocolate half-eggs sandwiched with chocolate slices. A light-hearted Easter gift, perfect for fans of the breakfast buttie!

Elizapeck Speckled Eggs – £5.50
Milk chocolate praline eggs in crispy shells. An Easter gift that will keep your chicks chirpy!