Garden(IN)g with Wilko

Give nature a helping hand
If your lawn’s looking a little worse for wear, now’s a great time for weeding, feeding and treating to bring it up to scratch in time for summer. Lend a hand to pots and tubs too, with plant food that’ll give them all the vital nutrients they need

Shower your garden with love
Make sure you keep on top of watering new plants and seeds – a hose with a spray option is great for giving plants a nice soak

Create your own private oasis
Whatever your outdoor space looks like, make it your own with pretty trellis to give you some privacy so you can get the most out of your little slice of the
great outdoors

Colour in your outdoor space
There’s no quicker or easier way to add colour to your patio, balcony, porch or windowsill than with some lovingly placed pots full of personality