Winter Handbag Essentials

The beauty accessories you’d be silly to leave home without this winter…

Winter is notorious for bad skin, and bad skin can often leave you feeling down. And we don’t want that, do we? So to all those who are currently suffering, we bring you our top winter handbag essentials which will soon leave you feeling healthy and glowing once again…

If you’re constantly on the go or you’re going out without heading home, the cleansing face mask from H&M is super handy to have in your bag for whenever you may need it and wherever you may be at the end of a long day!

H&M – Face masks Blemish-prone skin – £1.99

You spend all morning doing your hair, step outside, and it gets blown to bits! The solution? Dry shampoo of course! It’s perfect for giving your hair that much needed volume and shine whilst you’re out and about.

H&M – Dry Shampoo – £7.99

This winter handbag essential is key for protecting your lips. We recommend this Carmex lip balm, for it is great at repairing dry and damaged lips, and then protects them to ensure they remain soothed and moisturised all day long.

Topshop – Kiss Carmex Original Pot – £3

Our last beauty handbag essential is perhaps the most important item… A mirror! How else are you supposed to apply products and know whether you’re looking fresh and fabulous?!

Next – Oh K! Cat Mirror – £8