A Gift from Blighty

A souvenir from the UK, land of queuing, apologising and talking about the weather. Whether you’ve recently made the trip to Blighty – our affectionate nickname for the land we call home – you’re sending a little something to far-off friends or you’re simply looking for a gift ‘just because’, these gifts form Hotel Chocolat are perfect for any occasion!

Hotel Chocolat’s signature praline chocolates are a British icon. Smooth, satisfying praline chocolates with pecans, pistachios and peanut butter are a taste of life in the land of Shakespeare and the Queen.

The partnership of premium spirits and mellow chocolate is a match made in heaven. Pick any H-Box or Sleekster and pick up a free ‘A Gift from Blighty’ sleeve to really showcase your gift!

Head in store to Hotel Chocolat here at Cathedral Square to find that perfect gift and show off the glorious flavours of the UK, they can’t be beaten!