Celebrity chef and host of The Cathedral Square launch party, Lesley Waters, on Worcestershire Sauce, Margaret Thatcher and goat curry.

We are very pleased to welcome celebrity chef Lesley Waters as the host of our launch party at Cathedral Square on Saturday 29th July.

Ahead of our launch party on Saturday 29th July, we interviewed Lesley Waters to find out a little bit about her past experiences as a chef and future career ambitions, the highlights of her career so far, the worst thing she’s ever been cooked and her guilty food pleasures!

Take a look at our interview with Lesley Waters below:

Hello Lesley, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions.

Q: What first sprang to mind when you were asked to do a cooking demonstration in Worcester?

A: Well of course apart from my favourite Worcestershire sauce, it’s a wonderful location with so much to do and excellent local produce. I’m so looking forward to my visit.

Q: You’ve agreed to be our celebrity judge for the Worcester Bakeoff, what are you looking for in local Bakers?

A: Quality of product, skill and presentation, texture and flavours that work and marry together well. Innovative ideas are exciting but I love visiting old classics too.

Q: You’ve been on our televisions for 30 years and owned your own cookery school for 20; where do you prefer performing, in the studio or in the classroom?

A: Oh my goodness 30 years aaah!!!!! Without a doubt in the classroom.

Q: Have you ever felt the urge to open your own restaurant?

A: Yes, but would only do pop up as this allows me to be free to stay teaching and working on other projects.

Q: We’ve lost count of the number of books you’ve written; how do you manage TV, personal appearances, teaching and writing?

A: With a lot of help from my family and cookery school team.

Q: You’re clearly part of cooking royalty, but who is your favorite celebrity chef?

A: Prue Leith, Nigel Slater and Keith Floyd

Q: What is the worst thing someone has ever cooked you? And who cooked it?

A: Goat Curry and Avocado soup. Who cooked it remains a secret!!!

Q: Who’s the most famous person you’ve cooked for?

A: Maggie Thatcher and Antony Hopkins.

Q: What’s your guilty culinary secret?

A: Toast and peanut butter with cucumber.

Q: Finally, you’re having a lazy summer lunch in your Dorset garden, what’s in your glass, on your plate and on the stereo?

A: Miles Davis. A glass of chilled rose or local light ale. A tapas style a selection such as marinated feta, skillet herb, air cured meats, breads, homemade hummus, dukka, olive tapenade and roasted tomatoes with basil yum !!!!!!


To come and see Lesley in person, be sure to attend our launch event on Saturday 29th July, where we’ll have a range of entertainment and activities for the whole family, including workshops, competitions, cocktail demonstrations, the Great Worcester Bake Off and a pop-up cinema!