Easter Eggs for Everyone

Maybe it’s untying a ribbon and lifting the lid on a hatbox that makes your Easter egg feel luxurious. Perhaps it’s a sumptuously thick yet snappable shell, a recipe tailored to your favourite thing – from brownies to ginger – or simply more than a kilo of premium chocolate. Whatever makes your Easter egg feel special, you’ll find it here this April 1st.

Quail Eggs

12 chocolate quail eggs filled with caramel, praline and simple truffles. Crack your egg box open and share with the whole family this Easter.

Hard Boiled – Coffee

Fine-ground Sumatran Arabica coffee, 50% milk chocolate, high-cocoa white and caramel. Coffee Easter Egg gift for coffee fans with a final crunch of roasted beans.

Extra Thick – Champagne

Half 40% milk chocolate, half strawberry-white and milk. Piled with hedonistic truffles filled with Mercier Champagne. The Champagne Easter Egg is the perfect gift this April!

Ostrich Egg – Dark

Half 70% with almonds, half 70% with hazelnuts big Easter egg, plus dark pralines, truffles and caramels. Over a kilo of chocolate!