Easter Pen Pals

Just hatched: a whole new children’s range for Easter! The Easter Bunny has appointed his friends to help deliver this year’s Easter Eggs – introducing Woolliam, Elizapeck & Rabbert.

Pen Pals

Baa! Farmyard friends lifted straight from our chocolatier’s imagination. Woolliam, Elizapeck and Rabbert were first sketched, painted, then hand-carved. We never copy, our moulds are one-offs packed with character. Rabbert became a floppy-eared friend as his straight ears wouldn’t fit in the box! Original Pen Pals with an eye (and ear) for detail. Why should everything Easter be egg-shaped?


A bouncing 70% dark chocolate rabbit hops over dinky drops of dark chocolate. An Easter gift they’ll hop to. Vegan-friendly.

Elizapeck Tiddly Pot

Dinky round drops of milk chocolate. Handy nibbles to keep in your bag or your desk, or to put a smile on little faces this Easter!

Woolliam Speckled Eggs

Milk chocolate praline eggs in crispy shells. Speckled chocolate eggs are a Easter gift that will make your little lambs leap for joy!