Give a Gift to Impress

Most Wanted Gifts

What to get someone that has everything? How about a cabinet of chocolate or a slab that has a birthday message etched into it.

Grand Slabs

The pure flavours of solid chocolate in our grand slabs.

The happy birthday chocolate slab is perfect for when you want to shout their big day from the rooftops. A 40% milk chocolate monolith chiselled to say Happy Birthday.

 The Cabinet

A dramatic showcase of taste and texture, this truly impressive collection brings you Hotel Chocolat’s finest recipes. Presented as a large box of chocolates this is the perfect gift for a loved one or for self-indulgence.

 The Salted Caramel Hamper

The salted caramel hamper is a homage to your best-loved caramel chocolate recipes. The pinch of sea salt adds a touch of sophistication.