All things great and small at Hotel Chocolat

Exciting new treats at Hotel Chocolat!

The pure flavours of solid chocolate in bars, batons, slabs and more. From the mellow flavours of milk chocolate and creamy white, to the brooding depths of dark chocolate, plus rare single estate and origin chocolates too. Whether you’re looking for a spontaneous gift or a me-time treat, you’ll find it in store now.

White Chocolate Batons

15 batons cast in our creamy signature white – designed to taste and share.

65% Supermilk Batons

15 batons cast in our 65% Supermilk – designed to taste and share. All the pleasure of milk chocolate, all the power of dark.

Why have square bars of chocolates when you can have grand slabs, introducing our new slabs to the family
Caramarvellous Grand Slab (NEW)

Creamy caramel truffles studded in crunchy caramel chocolate.
Fancy trying the caramel truffles? Head in to your local store as they’re our taste of the month

The Cheesecake Challenge Grand Slab

Battle of the cheesecakes: punchy strawberry takes on bold lemon.